May 19, 2010

favorite L O S T moments - pt 3

Continuing forward with some of my favorite LOST moments.  Each post will cover a season.

Season Three

1) One of the biggest curveballs on TV, and most people didn't understand it until the last scene.

2) The man behind the curtain - as it turns out, there is something truly supernatural on this island... and its biggest showman (Ben Linus) is surprised the most.

3) The season opens, and we finally get a glimpse of life for the "others" - including the everyday habits of a reading group.  Ben Linus hits another homerun with, "So, I guess I'm out of the book club."

4) Charlie gives up his life... even though he doesn't have to.  Yet he does - because somewhere deep within he believes that this is his moment to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

Tie for #5:
5a) Jack finally tells Kate how he feels about her.

5b) Hurley saves the day.

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