May 20, 2010

favorite L O S T moments - pt 4

Continuing forward with some of my favorite LOST moments.  Each post will cover a season.

Season Four

1) We finally find out who is in the coffin.

By the way - have you seen the alternate endings?

Not a fan of them, but interesting that they were filmed.

2) The island... moves.

3) Hurley does a cannonball... and finds out what happened to Charlie. Later, he tells Claire and we see one of the most honest grieving scenes we've seen up until this point.

4) "You realize we're the only two married guys on the island?" Jin and Bernard have a talk about what is the right thing to do.

5) Ben Linus does something sacrificial... as if he's beginning to embrace the idea that for the sake of something larger he will put his own agenda aside.

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