Jan 11, 2006

(fast forward)

Sometimes my wife and I find ourselves lost wondering "what's ahead" when it comes to my next full-time ministry role. I've been looking for a while now, and it seems as though it's a tough season to find a good fit. I've had some offers, but in every case it seemed like if I took it I would be settling for something that in the end wouldn't be a great overall chemistry.

It's odd living in transition... "the land of in-between." Your old church has moved on and your new church doesn't know you yet. So you feel left out.

Not too long ago I read Erwin McManus' book "The Barbarian Way" and came across an interesting bit of facts about rhinos. For instance, they run faster than squirrels and can reach speeds of 30 MPH. Unfortunately, though, they can't see more than 30 feet ahead.

That means that as they run forward all they attend to is that which is front of them. They can't see beyond that, so that's all they can worry about.

I take great comfort in that. Maybe it's less about worrying about "what's next" at "31 feet" and more about asking "how do I love the people in my foremost field of vision?" Maybe all we're supposed to concern ourselves with is the 30 feet in front of our eyes. That's the kind of perspective that I've been using to help me navigate through this, and I thought it was a cool metaphor.

Along these lines, as my family and I have been trying to figure out what’s next in life we have watched God provide for our needs… “just enough.”

  • There have been times when God has been my “a lot” God. I’ve had a lot of resources available to me, always seemed to have a few bucks in my pocket, and could take my family out to eat without thinking about it.
  • There have been times when God has been my “desert” God. When my life has felt dry without any sign of refreshment in sight, He has sustained me and given me His presence to drink from.
  • These days, God seems to be my "enough" God. He replenishes us with just enough to live in a "daily bread" kind of mentality. Not enough to get ahead, and not enough to fall terribly behind... just enough.

This is the side of God that I have grown to love this year... the God of the "just enough” where my needs get met one day at a time.

Where everyday I hear him tell me that the love He showed me yesterday is renewed today.

Where He is everything I know about Him… and so much more than I know.

Where He is just enough… and more than enough.

Cue Chris Tomlin song here.

"Give us each day our daily bread." (Luke 11:3)

"Love your neighbor as yourself." (Mark 12:31b)


Brian said...

Good stuff here Tony, thanks for sharing.

BTW, did I miss part two of your article for Monday Morning Insight?

theoquest said...

We're just beginning the 'new place' part of the transition from one ministry to another. I'm not sure I'd say I still feel left out, but it's been a struggle to truly let Him be enough for me - and stop walking on eggshells trying to make a good first impression.

Thanks for the reminder of the rhino...

Thurman8er said...

I'm impressed with anybody who is looking for a place but unwilling to accept the wrong place.

God will provide. Thanks for sharing your faith in that truth.

Tony Myles said...

Brian - look at the bottom links on the right menu.

theoquest - hope your journey is a good one.

thurman8er - thanks for the encouragement!

Aim Claim said...

Today I will pray for 30 feet... no more.

Great reminder. Thanks!

Brian said...

Got it...thanks.


Michael said...

I like the idea of the Rhino really made me think about how Rhino needs to be in the present moment. We just need to be here now

Mark D said...

Very good post, Tony. Bravo for having the courage to pass on the opportunities that were not a fit. Good analogy with the Rhino.

Thank God for the day by day manna, but also know that He has a land of milk and honey in store for you.

Mark D
(aka Justin, Jim, and Howie)