Sep 28, 2005

may i recommend...? (pt. 1)

Out of all the different books and print materials I've read in the past five years, these are the ones that stand out in some way. All of these have impacted me on some level,
be it making me think more counterintuitively, feel more deeply, or just laugh out loud. So if you're looking for something good, "Hey, check these out!"


Royal said...

Awesome list....Thanks

Bar Bar A said...

you hava no idea how much i love lists of good, this was like getting a gift today! i've read some of these, you've got some great titles here! THANKS!

angela said...

hey.. how many of those were for class? lol
and yeah, i just started "apologetic preaching".. and i'm scared out of my mind with this class.

Tony Myles said...

Only a handful... the rest of the "class books" over the past couple of years didn't make the list.

I didn't like the title of Apologetic Preaching, but once I dove in it quickly became one of my favorite books.

(I wish the Far Side could have been a textbook)

Jay O'Shea said...

I have read many of these books and it seems your taste is much like mine.

I am looking forward to more of your posts.

Tanner Ridge said...

Can you narrow it down a little??? I don't know where to start! I'm so confused.. you got my mind spinning.