Aug 19, 2006

when in rome...

In the final days of the Roman Empire, wealth and power were the only things that the emperor and his "yes-men" coveted. Useless conquests took place, one after another, all so that he might build his own ego through the acquisition of people and palaces.

What about the good citizens of Rome?

Did they rise up and claim the foul? Did they march on the national monument? Did they get celebrities to launch an internet campaign? Did they have a Popeye moment and proclaim, "I've had all I can standz, and I cant's standz no more!?!?"


They went to the colliseum.

They chose to watch in person the mindless violence we pay $10 to see in a movie.

And in the end... they stood idle while evil and selfishness destroyed their world.

In our lifetime each of us may be faced with a similar situation of clarity. Destructive forces are at work all around us, from our neighbors who sit on the brink of divorce while we watch from our porches to pornography being available to kids via a few quick keystrokes. Those are the easy ones to spot, not to mention the greed, hate, bitterness, sexual brokenness, and lust that swell beneath many of our lives.

What if apathy wasn't an option? What if we had to choose a side? To either be all out or all in about the things God cares about?

Because I don't like choosing sides.

And yet... we have to, don't we?

Otherwise by our indifference... we've chosen a side.

So the question is will you leave your footprints on the history of time as a proactive redeemer of the way things are created to be? Or will you let such ideals be washed away by the tides of more charismatic men and women?

There is a cross... and on it held a man named Jesus. It was a stake in the ground that had meaning and continues to do so even today.

Embrace his invitation to let your life shine like the stars in the universe.

With the cross comes ownership.

Please decide.
"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth... Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me." (Revelation 3:15-16,


JimmyBob said...

To continue with your illustration, I would say that had the Romans not gone to the colliseum and stayed home and played games instead, that may have changed things, but it still would not have "solved" the sin issue.

Acts of sin can be thwarted when the money is cut off. But, the lust of the flesh and the potential for sin can only be resolved by Jesus.

Stand up for Jesus everywhere! Learn to treat people with kindness. (Isn't it funny that church leaders I know consider Disney's books on Guest Services to be their favorites on the subject? Where is the church?) If we would only love like Christ intends for us to, then we could turn the world upside down (to borrow an old expression).

The side we would be choosing is the side of servanthood and sacrifice.

Nate said...

What is going on with you now bro -how is life going?


DJG said...

Too guilty, too many times....sometimes it seems like the right thing to do to "live and let live" but maybe the theme song for James Bond had it right...if we do nothing we "live and let die".

bigwhitehat said...


Katie said...

Great challenge. Even by not choosing a side we have made a choice.

bjk said...

really good stuff......revolutionary!!

keep writing it and living it!

Heather said...

And what is beautiful about the body of Christ, if we all choose to participate, is that Christ will use our different personalities and passions to redeem different areas, whether art or divorce or hunger or social injustice...

Casey said...

no more status quo.

Josh Peters said...

G'mork Rules!

What if Rome wasn't worth saving? What if the continuation of America isn't the end goal? The eternal nature of God's Kingdom definitely puts civilizations and countries in perspective. Good post.