May 19, 2010

favorite L O S T moments - pt 2

Continuing forward with some of my favorite LOST moments.  Each post will cover a season.

Season Two

1) Breakfast with Henry Gale... what an amazing handling of this scene by every actor involved, especially Michael Emerson.  It was *the* scene that took the chaos we had been experiencing up until that point and gave it a possible direction... and no one knew at the time whether this guy was legit or a faker. "You guys got any milk?"

2) Henry Gale is found out.  I remember watching this scene and noting how the music timed perfectly with each progression, including eye twitches.

3) Mr Ecko and Charlie quote Psalm 23 together, each feeling a depth of meaning about it.  Only later do we understand what it means to each, yet in the moment it was a declaration of a concrete faith in God.

4) Mr Ecko stands his ground against the smoke monster, and we finally get to see it.

5) Jack and Locke face off in debate about if they are on the island "for a reason" - who is right?  The man of science or the man of faith?

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