Mar 2, 2009

just writing this down for future reference

God just spoke...

I'm still trembling and speechless.

That's all I can even try to say.

Thank You, Father... I don't deserve such attention from You... but I cannot deny Your voice tonight.... and of course the answer is yes, even in light of my questions... but of course the answer is yes... always to You, may my answer be yes. Your timing is what it is, and I thank You for what it is. So somehow, I don't know how, but somehow help me to sleep now, resting in You and our relationship beyond words. Thank You, thank You, thank You.

Amen, come, Lord Jesus, come... finish the sentence You started tonight.

Protect and bind it all together, in Jesus Name...

come, Lord Jesus, come.

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Tony Myles said...

Happy 3rd birthday, Johanna Katelynn Faith Myles