May 17, 2010

favorite L O S T moments - pt 1

In honor of a great TV show that I've enjoyed over the years and had many "watercooler" conversations about, here are some of my favorite LOST moments.  Each post will cover a season, starting with the first.

Season One
1) The boat launch - a powerful instrumental of hope, full of character-to-character moments that transcend words.

2) End of season Flashback to the plane, and another pure instrumental soundtrack. Each character is initially lost in the plot of their own lives as they board the plane, until they occasionally begin to take note of each other... strangers at this point, unaware of their destiny together. John Locke and Jack Shepherd accidentally glance at one another, and each nods their head.

3) "Wash Away" - a soundtrack sequence where each character becomes more multi-dimensional than you though they were. My favorite moment - Michael, in slow motion, brings Walt his dog back. Walt shifts from aimless wandering to a full out run to embrace Vincent, and the father feels like a father by bringing joy to his son.

4) Hurley tells Jack that "Ethan" was not on the plane - the plot just got bigger.

5) Live together or die alone?  In the midst of chaos, a leader named Jack Shepherd emerges.

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