Oct 30, 2008

scary stuff

One of the scariest things in this world is to not know your place in it... to not know why you are here.

It's quite claustrophobic, actually. Without any markers or fences that tell you how far or close you are to a destination, your life can feel like an endless open field.

It's like the classic study on boundaries that was done on a school playground. In the early 1950s, a school was chosen and a fence was constructed around the playground. It was observed that the children not only had played all over the playground, but often directly next to the fence... sometimes even on it.

The second-half of the study required that the playground fence be removed, and the children were told they could play as they wished. Researches observed that the children got nervous and clustered their play in the center of the playground... they only ventured out to where the fence used to be when a toy or ball rolled in that direction.

How many of us want and need boundaries more than we realize? It's often our front desire to feel safe, but isn't our deeper desire to live a life of risk that is making ripples in the world>

There is great security in knowing that your life has a purpose... to know that you are not just taking up space but are making every space have meaning by your meaning. To know you are not a mistake...

because, in fact, you are not.

So how does one move from nowhere to somewhere? Can a people without a compass discover true north on their own? Is it possible for someone who doesn't speak the language everyone else is speaking to write a song to sing each day?

As far as I know, there is no formula... and so something would have to break through into our world incarnationally...

and we would have to allow it.

The good news is that the first part has already happened, but the second part seldom does.

But it can in your heart right now.

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