Oct 29, 2008

childish ideas

I often wonder what kids pick up on, between the conversations they hear adults having in between church services, the political stuff on TV, favorite sports teams they cheer for in their household, learn science from PBS programs, catch slices of reality shows their parents watch, and conversations around the dinner table about bills.

Perhaps a child's concept of being an adult might go like this...

In the big inning, God crated the heavens and the earth. Then God made the Atom and then He split the Atom into two. Then McCain killed the other guy because he was Abel. Noah came along and had to build an ark because of something my daddy said about a union, but his favorite animal was the bird because it was a responsible animal and didn't poop on the ship.

Then the world got lots of people and they all got adopted by actors and singers. One day God sent judges, and His favorite was named Paula. Later there were some kings, and then Jesus came and was the king of kings, so they gave Him the record deal. One day He'll come back and fix the world forever, and we'll get to walk streets of gold in heaven. I'll take some of that gold and sell it so I can get more video games. Until then He gives me immunity.

The only thing I don't understand is why everyone has signs in their front yard with different people's names on them. Why don't people just talk with each other instead? Maybe someday when I'm an adult I'll understand better.

Got any Hubba Bubba?

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