Feb 5, 2008

a little art break

So here's the context... my mom has survived the junk from the summer/fall and made it out of her house, but she's essentially getting hosed and will walk away with zero money. Nonetheless, we've welcomed her into our house as she's preparing to head into a local apartment that will be based on her minimal social security finances.

Now the cool story... last year upon the passing of my mom's husband we began the process of sorting through any valuables he’d left behind to try to help my mom. In that process I discovered a hidden panel behind the bed frame that contained two poster-sized tubes. Preserved within one was a rare painting by Paul-Emile Lecomte.

In the event there's an art lover/liker out there (or if you know someone along these lines), I'd happily suggest you take a peek at this auction. All proceeds will help my mom have a few extra dollars to start her new life in a healthy place. Here's the link - thanks!

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