Aug 10, 2007

landmark news

If you live in the Chicago area, my mom was on Ch. 2 WBBM news today sharing her story (or if you don't, check out this link).

Certain individuals in the city she lives in are trying to landmark her home as a historical house (against her wishes), thereby preventing her from selling it to a contractor who would like to clear out the old house and build on it (her only real offer on the home since January). All she's trying to do is move on with her life since recently losing her husband, only to have the Historical Preservation Commission in her town (and its chairman, specifically, who lives in her neighborhood and seems deceptively biased in all of this) deliver notice to her just a few days after his death. Now they're trying to tie her hands via an unfair and unwarrented hearing... crazy days.

My mom recently survived cancer... maybe she can survive this, too.

But her finances are absolutely scary right now.

She has only short-term funds to pay utilities, a mortage on the house and another on the land (both of which she has been unable to sell), and is growing sicker with stress and depression by the day. As the months gets colder in an already cold real estate market, she's absolutely scared about how to survive in light of this chaos.

When I was there a couple of days ago I contacted all the major news about it, including The Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald, and the Kane County Chronicle. Many are even doing stories on it, which is very cool... apparently they think a city that wants to put its history above its people's future is worth the public's interest.

Please consider how you can help... maybe prayers or finances? And feel free to contact the St Charles Historical Society and the St Charles City Council if you so choose.

For more on this story, click on this link, start at the bottom, and work your way up.


irreverend fox said...

if our founders knew that we would forget the fundamental value of private property rights...they would roll over in their graves.

private property rights and freedom of speech are the two rights from which everything "American" is rooted.

this is to be expected however in a town like Chicago...they've been run by liberal Democrats/Socialists for 35-40 years. Liberalism/Socialism value the right of the state...not the your mom, according to Liberalism, should suck it up for the benefit of the community.

Community...Community...hmmmmmmmmm....sounds like that word might be the root word in Communism...hmmmm...hmmmmmm...the pieces of the puzzle are starting to join together...better flip back to E! and find out who Brit is sleeping with this week...all this deep stuff is intimidating...

Tony Myles said...

I don't know, dude... I grew up in Chicago and discovered Jesus Christ in its midst.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Good for you for bringing this into the attention of the media! I hope your mom gets a fair deal and is able to move.

Wayne and Carolyn said...

Hi Tony,

Tried to contact the Historical people but can't figure out how to do it. Age! and not being computer savy. We are really praying with you about this. Your mom needs to be with you guys and that SHOULD be a good enough reason plus her rights are being violated. We will appeal to THE
AUTHORITY on her behalf!

Tony Myles said...

Thanks, guys. Try this:

Historical Preservation Society
attn: Kim Malay
2 East Main St.
St. Charles, Il. 60174
(630) 377-4443

Address your letter "To the Historical Preservation Society"

irreverend fox said... least the price of tea in China has staid'm on YOUR