Feb 4, 2008

fearful tactics - pt 1

Every once in a while I'll surf the radio stations to see what else it out there beyond the slices I'm usually exposed to. Recently I found a program that reminded me of the ways different groups of people can view the same topic. We refer to such things as "talk radio," but it seems more like "listen radio" - meaning, the person stirring up the discussion often seems more interested in being a loud voice of contention than a true objective fascilitator.


So see if you can fill in the blanks with me...

The radio program I heard was a _______ (liberal / conservative / moderate) style show, where the talk show host belittled people from the _______ (liberal / conservative / moderate) background.
So how did you do?

Did you guess right?


I know this is theme in my posts as of late, but have you ever noticed how easy it is for us to resort to becoming by belittling someone who might think differently than we do? People will go great lengths to do this - devoting everything from airtime to web sites against others - and in many ways technology has become a sneaky way to go about it.

Maybe because it's easier to say divisive stuff from afar than explore healthy conversation together... which boggles my mind, and yet that seems to be the easy way out for many.

Which I obviously must walk a careful line here even as I talk about "them."

Personally I like and prefer the Narrow Road... it's less traveled and requires courage to walk, but thankfully Jesus left His bloodied footprints and Holy Spirit as a guide. Today I dare you to join in on the journey of becoming a Christ-follower in this area... reconcile with all - from those who deserve it to those (in your mind) who don't) - just as He has offered to reconcile with you.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. (Ephesians 4:31)


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Robert said...

right on brother hey tony do you have any posts on the doctrine of the *elect* at all in your archives??? if not any way to tweak you to take a swing at it??? just seems to be an itch in various circles lately about this and thought i would nudge your theological expertise to share a bit of course if you are predestined to it will happen but by all means dont resist choosing to of your own free will *wink* always such good meat here dude!!!

Tony Myles said...

I think I've covered it here and there in small bites, but nothing I could point you to. Let me work that into the lineup sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

I get exasperated with "Talk Radio".
They don't want anyone's opinion, they just want to get people to listen to their station in order to get advertising revenue and provoking arguments is the best way to do it!