Aug 9, 2007

my non-notes on the willow creek leadership summit

While many people will be participating in the Willow Creek Leadership Summit the next few days, I had the pleasure of being on Willow's campus yesterday before the conference began today. Here's a picture of the stage.

Here are the toilets I used to clean when I was on staff as a custodian one summer.

Here are the rows of chairs I became a Christian in.

(Good thing I got those pictures in the right order)

So while I won't be attending and can't give you conference notes like this guy, I can give you notes on what it was like to eat a piece of Gino's East pizza yesterday for lunch.
















"Not enoughy."


bigwhitehat said...

Chicago is much to be praised. That pizza and those hot dogs, are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...


you sure are funny

paul said...

dough! :)

Vicki said...

Toilets, salvation, and pizza...all in the same post.

That pizza looks so yummy...

Ed G. said...

I don't know Tony, I more of a NY, thin-crust guy myself...

Tony Myles said...

I'll pray for you.

stephanie said...


This video appeared in my inbox today. Looks like it was at Willow Creek - the stage looks the same anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if it was - the video is great and just like something they would do.

Ammon said...

I did mix up the captions with the photos and for half a second thought that Jesus picked you in the jon. You shouldn't sit on those urinals by the way.

This was my first conference and it was sweet. I am glad you saw it too.