Jun 20, 2007

if your name is don

Feel free to say hi.


Anonymous said...

My name is not Don, but I know many Don's so I think that qualifies me. I even have relatives called "Uncle Donnie Bob" and his son's name is "Little Donnie Bob" - no I am not making that up. When you are from West Virginia all things are possible. And please note that it is WEST and NOT EAST Virginia!

Another Don that I recently encountered again is an author by the name of Donald Miller. Wouldn't it be cool if he responded to this shout out for DON'S? I am thinking that all things are possible!

Thanks for making me laugh! The kind of laughter that makes one bend over because the pain is so deep!

Stephanie said...

Are you getting too much blog traffic, so you decided to narrow it down a bit?? :)

Tony Myles said...

Don't worry, Stephanie... I'm sure you'll qualify for my next post. ;)

Anonymous said...


" if your name is don
Feel free to say hi. "

This gives leeway for those named Don. They should feel comfortable saying hi.

but what about...


I know that many of you just visit and don't post.

Yes... I have a secret counter that tells me so. :)

That's cool, but how about one pop in? "

I think that gives everytone the right to pop in and write something. You just simply emphasized the welcomeness you offer to all, to the Don's.

Why did I spend 5 minutes posting this?

Anonymous said...

Imus say, Don you think this is a bit discriminating?

Tony Myles said...

Only if your name isn't Don.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the spiritual application

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

Well, I'm with SCRAMMY on this one...where is the "spiritual application?" LOL

And nope, my name isn't Don....never will be...

Tony Myles said...

Thanks for all the non-Don's saying hi. This was never meant to be a Don-only post, but rather an invite to all the Don's.

Personally, I was hoping for:
- Donny Osmond
- Donald Trump
- Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci)
- Donald Miller

The last name is what inspired this post, as you'll see from an email I received a couple of weeks ago.



I had an experience that I just had to share. I was at the Willow Creek Arts Conference that I might add was very good. Youthspecialties is still my favorite, but they run a close second. Anyway...there will be lots of bunny trails so hang in there...it's me you know...

Donald Miller, your buddy, spoke at New Community and again on Friday...

[parts skipped here to protect some confidentiality]

WOW! If you can get the cd of both I would recommend it. Especially Wednesday night at New Community. That man has had a "transformation"! No seriously! I found it very interesting that he shared that in November he went off with God and faced some fears. These were fears that he didn't even know that he had in his life. November??? Yeap, my guess would be that it happened after Cincy. There was a pain in him in Cincy that really bothered me and what I saw at Willow was FREEDOM!!! It was great. He was joking, happy, carefree, honest and transparent. He really was great!

Although it was late I stood in line afterwards up in the bookstore. Everyone was getting autographs, but that really isn't my thing. I wanted to give him two things.

First, a very heartfelt "thank you". I quickly shared that I had heard him twice in Cincy and that it was OBVIOUS to me that there had been a transformation in his life since that time. He seemed genuinely appreciative of the words of affirmation.

And, then I did it....I quickly painted the picture of a guy in Cincy who had asked to have a drink with him....[CORRECTION: Late night appetizers] had tried to give him a dollar and had shared a picture with him....he looked confused at first and then there was a clearing of the fog...."Oh, yeah!"...Well, my foot was in the door so I went the rest of the way in...."Well, that is my friend and I really believe that your story and his would be a lot richer if you two got to know each other." Then I slid a paper to him with your blog on it! He took it...seemed once again genuine...and we both thanked each other. Hopefully, his thank you to me was not just for the break his tired hand had received!

Well, friend Tony...you might want to thank me or you may want to wring my neck...but here is the absolute truth. I do believe without a doubt that both of your lives would be richer for the relationship. Hopefully we will find out! HINT: You may want to post an inviting blog out to him!

Keep me posted on what happens....give my best to the family and I will catch up at another time...