Mar 2, 2007

recapping life: pt 1

I should have posted this before, but with our move and transition I'm just now getting to some of the stuff I wanted to put up a couple months ago.

You may remember from a previous post that I'd tried to bribe author Donald Miller to eat food with me. More specifically, I also planned on slipping him a note with a dollar attached.

Turns out I got close enough to actually do it.

Yes... that is me on the right passing a dollar bill from my hand to his just before his late night "talk back." He was busy afterward, though, so he did give it back to me. I have to confess the rejection left me feeling rather blue... like jazz, that is.


The Cubicle Reverend said...

Maybe you should up it to $5?

Thurman8er said...

I just finished "Searching For God Knows What" and enjoyed it almost as much as "Blue." I'd be grateful just for the chance to give the man a dollar.