Nov 19, 2006

nywc06: sunday pm - pt. 3

For dinner we ate at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery (although the latter part of that didn't mean much for our table). Afterward we ordered some dessert because (as we all know) nothing makes more sense than being full and ordering extra food.

Ever feel like the descriptions of dessert at certain restaurants need to be reviewed and rated by Focus on the Family?

"Fresh Granny Smith apple slices and pears are coated in cinnamon sugar and nestled between layers of rolled oats, brown sugar, and walnuts, then baked golden brown and served hot from the oven. Topped with vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel sauce."

"Simply sublime. We start with a moist chocolate brownie, top it with rich vanilla ice cream and a buttery nougatine, Stout hot fudge and rasberry sauce."

"Decadence finally has a name. This chocolate lover's cheesecake combines bittersweet chocolate, cocoa, cream cheese, and our smooth Stout with a Semi-sweet chocolate wafer crust. Finished with homemade milk chocolate and sour cream frosting."

They were all Fred Flintstone sized and way too difficult to eat in their entirety. I actually felt a bit guilty indulging in light of several of the homeless people we passed on the street. I'd helped out one, and yet still felt that something wasn't right about eating all this sweet stuff (besides the obvious dietary issues).

Ever feel guilty enjoying a blessing? And if so, why is that? And if not, "shame on you." :)

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