Nov 20, 2006

nywc06: monday am - pt. 1

I've really enjoyed the times the YS staff has provided for everyone to interact with God on your own terms. At the last general session, we had such an opportunity to reflect on what God has spoken into our lives using several elements around the room. A phrase that I utilized to sum up what God revealed to me at the convention was "remember who you are." It would seem that is a lot easier when we remember who God is and how we stand in relationship to him... not the other way around.

Marko did a great job sharing the message that had been put on his heart about meekness. I can't say I ever recall hearing a session begin with, "Hi, I'm Marko and I'm an arrogant *ss." Based on how he unpacked it from there, I really have no problem with that intro. In fact, the very idea that we can become arrogant in our faith and ministry is something we need to be cautious of... while not becoming too cautious. It's arrogant to believe God wants to use you to change the world... it's cautious to remember the God part.

Nice pic of Marko getting a backrub, eh?

Takeaway questions:

  • What does the glory of God fully unleashed in my life look like? Might I ever see that on this side of heaven?
  • Whom do I need to extend more sensitivity to that I am more inclined to put up boundaries with?
  • How does ministry look any different when we remember God comes first?

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