Nov 19, 2006

nywc06: sunday pm - pt. 2

My buddy Chris Folmsbee from Sonlife spoke tonight and hit it out of the park. In true prophetic fashion, he asked questions about what makes the church unique... something we don't often wonder in our attempt to prove to the world how "cool" we are. The message utilized Exodus 33-34 to remind us what it means to glorify God and allow his presence to manifest in all fullness. If we practice this personally, perhaps the world will feel the difference before we try to tell them about it.

Some notes:
  • What are your secrets?
  • What is the greatest shift we can give the emerging generation of the church?
  • Just as Moses confessed the sins of the people including himself, so do we have to take ownership of humanity's rebellion against God.
  • Should statistics cause us to do more ministry in urgency... or become the kind of people we are called to be?
  • We need to be about extending the quality and frequency of holy moments... not to minimize sin but to experience who God is.
  • We are not to be known as professional Christian party planners or the people with a fun program in town... we are to be known as the people of God.

Takeaway questions:

  • What am I known for among those I spend a lot of time with?
  • How do stranger perceive me?
  • Is there anything dfferent about what I'm doing because of who I'm becoming?

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Jessica said...

it is those holy moments that reveal our sins and our need for God and draw us to many times when we - or i - try to make those moments happen, rather it be in corporate worship or mine own life - we are pushed away from God and filled with condemnation and a sense of powerlessness that does not bring us closer to God or cause us to sin less.