Nov 19, 2006

nywc06: sunday pm - pt. 1

I do well in the exhibit hall.

By this I mean to say that I learned 7 years ago at my first YS convention to bring an extra bag with because of all the free stuff you can take home. Somehow when I go through and talk with the vendors I end up with a lot of cool things.

Keep in mind that I intentionally try not to take anything unnecessary, and yet I still end up with a bed spread full of shirts, frisbees, and miniature Tabasco sauce bottles.

Like I said... nothing unnecessary.

So when my friend Jennifer discovered that it was hard for her to get anything for free, I instructed her to go up to a booth that was giving away shirts and simply ask if she could have one. No magical formula... just asking.

So she did.

This is all ironic, especially because I really only cared to get some fun stuff to take home to my boys. In the process, though, I got some cool takeaway items and even picked up a job reviewing products for Youthworker magazine (which means I get to keep the products in addition to getting paid).

Free is good... especially when it helps me look like a dad who remembers his boys when I go home.

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