Nov 19, 2006

nywc06: sunday am - pt. 2

This morning was a rather interesting General Session.

For one, I was amazed to hear about these two guys who are the only two youth pastors in the city of Beijing, China - a city of millions. That must be an amazing ministry, especially when you look at all the alternative religions present there as well as the tremendous growth of the church desite opposition.

That said, though, I really wasn't into the speaker a whole lot. That's not his fault, by the way. Rodger Nishioka, a prof at Columbia Theological Seminar, was perhaps the most well-mannered speaker and seemed to be talking about something rather important. I got lost, though... and again, it's not his fault.

The problem is that I really had some good dialogue with God and I was rather distracted by it. As I sat down in my chair to take notes on the session, I ended up brainstorming a whole bunch of ideas on some shifts happening in my life. It's funny how once the water faucet in your soul is turrned on how the flow begins to swell in your head, heart, and loins.

I can say "loins," right? That's a biblical word somewhere in the Scriptures... I'm just sure of it.

I do remember a story Rodger shared about a kid who was smothered by an old lady in his church but then missed her when she didn't show up for service one day. After visiting her in the hospital he prayed with her and said, “Don’t you see… you are saving my life.” That stood out - one life at a time.

What I really enjoyed was hearing Jars of Clay sing their song "God Will Lift Up Your Head." I heard this song last year when my head really needed to be lifted up. This year it was a retrospective praise, claiming that the Lord totally did that for me. There's nothing like realizing a promise on the front end and the latter end.

And... I think I like the Skit Guys more this year than I ever have. I've laughed at their act every time.

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