Aug 26, 2006

weekend fun: which one are you?


Tanner Ridge said...

That's a funny poster but how true to the star Trek shows. Whenever a new person was on the show you knew they were expendable and probably would be killed off somehow.
See more Star Trek posters like this here :

This poster reminds me of a site that I crack up to when I read the posters that you can buy there. Check out:

Tony Myles said...

I didn't know about the first one, but that second one rocks.

Katie said...

"red shirts"

always choose green, blue, or gold when picking your official one piece polyester space outfit

Thurman8er said...

I love the scene on Galaxy Quest where the guy realizes he doesn't know his character's last name.

Definitely a "red shirt" moment.

tanner ridge said...

Hey now... Scotty and all the Engineers wore Red Shirts. Your not dissin the Engineers now are ya?