Aug 24, 2006

a sad day for mickey mouse's dog

So you may be a bit sad or indifferent about Pluto getting reclassified as a non-planet.

I'm with you, brutha.

And yet... I'm thankful that the scientific braniacs went that way with it instead of the other way. Otherwise, we'd have to add three new planets to our learning curve which would throw off all existing mnemonic devices (i.e. "Mary's Violet Eyes Make Johnny Say Nice Unusual Phrases").

The new planets were to be named "Ceres," "Charon," and "UB313" (or "Xena," if the guy who found it has his way... seriously).

To which I was about to propose this mnemonic device for us to learn the planets in their new order:

"Many Vagrants Eat My Celery Just So Nosy Urologists Pocket Cash Unclaimed"

Guess this means my junior high science project is outdated now, eh?

Take that Mr. Schave and the lousy "C" you gave me. Turns out you didn't know everything about the solar system after all, chump.


Amy said...

thanks for making me laugh out loud :) I think the line about Mary's violet eyes is much better than the one I learned, which is "My Very Educated [or Excellent] Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"

but whatever works, right? I am amazed at how well mnemonic devices work.

Heather said...

Had no idea. See, reading blogs is educational. And somehow sad.

L.L. Barkat said...

Check out for more discussion of this whole Pluto shakeup.

While your post was an opportunity to laugh (which I did), hers was an opportunity to think (which I did). I appreciate both kinds of opportunities out here in the blogosphere!

Jon Knapp said...

And here I thought my science teacher new everything. =)

derek bethay said...

The whole thing is a shame... the astronomical cummunity just did this so that they could get some publicity.

Just like Monster Park will always be Candlestick Park to me & the RCA Dome will always be the Hoosier Dome... Pluto will always be a planet!

Tony Myles said...

And Tron will always be the most technologically advanced movie ever.