Aug 28, 2006

life as a treadmill

Since it's Monday, I thought I'd share this video that reminds me of the workweek... only it's cooler.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Very talented guys. Lots of time in their week for rehearsal.

RE: "Jaded"- the book. I'm 2/3 done. Interesting stuff. Many of the general themes parellel Barna's book- Revolution.

Hope you are well. Will get your book back to you.


JimmyBob said...

That was a neat video. I bet they were tired and sweaty after that!

Thanks for the entertainment!

Marcia said...

Fun video! I can see my son and his friends taking the time to make something like it!

"When life gives you treadmills, make a music video?"

Tony Myles said...

Exactly! Imagine how many power-walkers had to wait while these 8 treadmills were held up.