Jun 6, 2012

homeboy or God?

I spent some time in the Ten Commandments recently and was reminded that we often want to make our relationship with God more casual than it is intended to be. I'm all for grace, and yet I'm all for reverence, too. It's perhaps why I've never been a huge fan of the "Jesus is my homeboy" shirt - while anything can be used to bring people closer to God, I'm not sure we need to lose our most direct access point.

If you just can't open up your Bible, though, let me help. Based (loosely) on Exodus 20, here are ten signs that you got this whole thing right by making sure God is your God vs your homeboy:
  1. You have priorities in that honor Him, vs Him flashing the peace sign at what you already do.
  2. You let nothing else busy you from putting Him first, vs He gets what left, not what's right.
  3. You think about who He is, vs you give Him a casual nickname based on who you want Him.
  4. You daily/weekly invest into that relationship, vs thinking the world runs on your charisma.
  5. You let your family see Him in you, vs telling Him "He's there, but I'm not perfect, so chill."
  6. You let the Life He put in you bring Life into the world, vs killing others with criticism/hate.
  7. You give God your urges and follow His lead, vs you say, "I can't help it. I do what I feel."
  8. You let Him help you become content, vs you take what you want that He didn't give you.
  9. You prioritize truth over comfort, vs you say what keeps you out of trouble - "God understands."
  10. You prioritize people over things, vs you drool at what's cool & demand the Lord be your stool.
"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name." (Matthew 6:9b)

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