May 24, 2011

book review: anatomy of the soul

Some books wrinkle your brain when you read the cover, and "Anatomy of the Soul" is no slouch. The subtitle is "Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships." In a nutshell, this resource I received for free from the Tyndale Blogging Network explores the connection between the mind and your faith in the way it impacts how you relate with others. This involves exploring your past (and your memories of it) to better understand why you are where you are and the things you are pursuing to find a deeper meaning in life.

I'm not kidding when I say this - it's high-end reading. It will change the way you think about God, and I mean that literally... the way/manner you "think" about God. The book contains some well-told everyday stories that harness a recognition of otherwise "heady" scientific terms, allowing the average reader to better track with some concepts that are typically found in academic circles. The big takeaway from this is a better awareness of how neurological pathways work in order to create and strengthen your integrity in living out your beliefs.

The main downside is that any references to biblical truths are more summarized than anchored. The author offers some decent ideas in how to better grow your faith, but without clear teaching these ideas remain opinions at best. It left my final takeaway less inclined to recommend the book and more apt to quote parts of it.

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talking to myself said...

Thanks, this looks very good, I think I will get it.