Apr 27, 2011

an after-dinner conversation in the Myles home

The scene: After dinner. I'd just made some delicious fajitas. We're putting things away, and I see a chance to flirt with my wife.

Me: "So... is this your lettuce?" (shows brand label to Katie - it says "Foxy" on it)

Katie: (laughs)

(seconds later, I shift to an entirely new conversation. I see some sour candy on the counter the kids don't like)

Me: So, is this my candy?

Both of us instantly and awkwardly see the name on the candy is "Trolli."

Me: (quickly) Doh... nevermind.

Katie: (laughs) Did you do that on purpose?


Katie: (laughs) You couldn't do that again if you tried.

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Anonymous said...

This made me LOL. :) Some of my funniest moments come from not trying. -Jenny S.