Mar 10, 2010

being comfortable in your own skin

I saw this ad that premiered during the Super Bowl this year... maybe you did, too.

The premise is rather interesting... especially in that it's marketed to men. And it raises the question - "At what point in life are you comfortable in your own skin?"

I once heard a pastor share how his wife defined "being sexy" that way - that is, that "sexy" is when one is comfortable in his/her own skin and the world can sense it. That's an interesting comparison, for while many people would equate sexiness to good looks it is often surprising how it's more of a contagious confidence than it is striking features.

Which might sort of explain why odd looking rock stars date supermodels.

In any event, I found the phrase compelling because so much of life seems like a treadmill of having to prove oneself to others. Somewhere along the way we say we don't care, but really... we do. We're just afraid of showing it. 

But there can come a point when we really don't care. When we truly aren't shaken or stirred by the words of others, but have a sense of a stronger compass in our life.

Several months ago I was hanging out with some teenagers who "dared me" to do a crazy dance and sing in a Walgreens in order to get the woman behind the counter to laugh. I succeeded... and didn't mind at all. We later talked about why it wasn't a big deal to me, and the simple truth was that at the end of the day the loudest whisper into my life is God... not what the people around me do or don't think of me.  Since I know Jesus is crazy about me to die and live for me (and He is crazy about you in the same way, by the way), I'm more interested in letting my life sync with Him than with millions and billions of people who would love to tell me that I need to buy a product or have their approval to be "okay."

Which sort of makes the commercial ironic, don't you think?

Or as a comedian once put it, "Just when I get comfortable with my own skin, it starts sagging."

What would it take for you to get comfortable with your own skin?  Or your own life?

Of course, "you already are." 

But really... are you really?  Or are you just being a Captain Sassy Pants about it and deep down you yearn for the approval of others?

If you're not sure, think about it... and I dare you to let the still small voice of your Creator become the most important voice in your life.  And I don't mean that as a Sunday religion thing (or the occasional holiday) - I mean that in a daily, growing way... something very fully-alive.

Something powerfully real.

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