Mar 25, 2010

baby talk: random thoughts i just need to say about breast feeding

So... my wife is pregnant, which means I get to use words I don't normally use... like "dilated," and "amniotic," and "breast feeding."

Yeah, deal with it.

And my thought is that breast feeding is a very natural thing... and women should totally do it.

But...  not without manners.

Because I think people "get it" when a new mom slips into a private corner of the room.  And they should allow for moms to feel at ease to do that with modesty.

But I think breast feeding can become quite weird... when it isn't weird to the person who's doing it.

I mean the lady.

Not the baby.

The baby doesn't care.

At least, I've never seen a baby care that people were watching.

That would be really weird, wouldn't it?

If the baby sort of...

waved you away.

But when the lady doesn't care... when she just sort of does it in the open without considering that it just may have made things awkward for someone close by her.

It's hard to pretend that someone didn't just get almost naked in your presence.

Again... I'm speaking of a lack of consideration.

Not moms who think about it and find a way to be discreet.

And props to all moms who nurse - that is a huge commitment.

But the social issue?

It's kind of like why we have locker rooms and don't just start changing our clothes after we step off the treadmill at the local gym.

Which, for the record, again...

because I already said it...

Hey, old guys in the locker room at the rec center?

I don't want to see you talking to each other naked anymore.


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Anonymous said...

So, is this about locker room nudity or breastfeeding. LOL