Feb 24, 2010

the smoke and mirrors of L O S T

I've been a L O S T fan since the first season, and I liked last night, too.  But I noticed a trend in the show this season that I have concerns about.

I'm noticing that what seemed like new info really wasn't. For instance, tThe skeletons in the cave, the backgammon reference, and the two rocks  (white/black) were all season one references that in that season were spotlighted in context. Hurley's little speech about time travel was a bit too, "Okay, everyone, pay attention to what I'm about to say. Because I'm going to explain something to you without explaining it." Of course, he's Hurley, so he pulled it off with a smile.

I'm seeing a lot of this kind of stuff this season - viewers want "answers" and each episode is promised to give some.  On one hand, that's great - on another, though, the show can become more about "answers' than its story.  I hope we don't lose out on character development or the pace of the show simply because there is a checklist every viewer is holding and the writers know it. For instance, it was intriguing to see Jack balance life as a dad, but his visit with Hurley the caves seemed unnecessary to series viewers but more thrown in for newer viewers.

Compare this with the "numbers" reveal last week, which had more of an "everybody" reveal to it in the context of the show's plot.

Also, in case you've missed these, pay attention to the significance of these moments:
  • In conversation with Locke, Richard doesn't see the boy, but Sawyer does.
  • Kate isn't "invited."
  • Christian Shepherd's apparent alliance - who has he been an emissary for all this time? And what might that reveal to his previous advice?
  • Jin and Sun were both touched by Jacob at the same time at their wedding. And the name on Jacob's list is their last name.
  • Being able to "see" anything in the lighthouse.
  • Jack's finding wounds/scars in his flash sideways that correspond with his experiences on the island.
  • Juliet's last words... what she says before she dies, as she's dying, and after she dies.
Of course, I only care to write this because I enjoy this show. I hope the smoke and mirrors of the show don't become smoke and mirrors to its plot... pun intended. However, I have confidence that the last episode will be the big kick in the pants a lot of people hope for.  I'm glad I picked up on something key in the first episode of this season or else I'd be going crazy about now.   (And if you want to know what it is, read the bullets above)

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Becky Durham said...

I'm gonna geek out about LOST with you for a moment:

I think mirrors and reflections are significant. Every episode so far this season has featured one of our main characters looking in a mirror at a pivotal moment. Jack on the place where he sees his wound; Kate when she's holding the orca whale; Locke when he's holding Jack's card. There were tons of reflections and mirrors in last night's episode.

I can't wait to get this all figured out!