Nov 26, 2009

a "sense-able" pre-dinner prayer on thanksgiving

Dear God - thank you for the sense of smell... and for the turkey I smell everywhere I go in the house You've blessed me to live in.

And for the sense of taste that will soon work hand-in-hand with the sense of smell - for I will be eating "some o'dat turkey... mmm hmm..." (snaps).

And for the sense of hearing - so I can hear the burp sound of cranberry sauce coming out of a can (which, by the way, is the BEST kind of cranberry sauce).

And for the sense of sight - of seeing my family and friends as they enter this little feast we're about to have.

And for the sense of touch - being able to tangibly enjoy my blessings as they happen.

And for whatever sense you gave me to marry my lovely bride whose hands and effort made all of that smell (and future taste) possible.

In Jesus' Name I celebrate all of this and You...


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