Sep 9, 2009

school begins... remixed

You only get one first "first day" of school ever, and yet I find that part of appreciating this day involves a tip of the hat to the past.


Do you remember your first day of school?

Perhaps you walked down a long hallway to get to your classroom.

Maybe you gave your teacher an apple.

It could be that you felt right at home.

Today my five-year old began an amazing journey of formal learning under the best teacher I've ever met (aside from Jesus, of course).

Yeah... I'm talking about my wife.

(I guess that makes me the principal.)

Eight years ago my wife quit her professional teaching job in order to invest herself into this day. It was awesome for her to do this today, not to mention the quality investment our son got.

Now... I'm not anti-public school but we are pro-investment. That said, you can't beat a 1-1 teacher to student ratio.

By the way, we're not just doing this at the breakfast table but have actually transformed the basement into an interactive classroom. It's way cool.

And we topped it all off with a celebration at Dairy Queen. That's the "principle's prerogative" in action, by the way.
Train a child in the way he is bent, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

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