Apr 23, 2009

last night

Apparently my car was broken into last night, among about a dozen folks on my street and the surrounding area. Someone across the street from me lost a GPS system, and another neighbor thinks some cash was stolen.

This is a snapshot of what I saw, and as you can see my glove compartment was emptied. It's assumed they were looking for something valuable, whereas I only had oil change paperwork and extra napkins from Taco Bell. The Bibles in my trunk were likewise not taken.

Yes, I have Bibles in my trunk. But they aren't mine... I'm holding them for someone.

No really, I am.


Anonymous said...

try holding someones bible in your glove compartment?

David Moss said...

Bummer. I had my car broken into and I remember that the thief had the time to go thru my CD collection and decide which ones they wanted and which ones they would pass on. Not only broke into my car but dissed my taste in music - now that's bold! (I don't listen to those early Petra albums anymore either but c,mon...who wouldn't take John Denver's Greatest hits!)

Tony Myles said...

I certainly would.

I think the thieves tried to steal my copy of Milli Vanilli's greatest hits. Thankfully, that CD case came empty when I bought it.

(Wait for it, wait for it... and laughter)