Apr 22, 2009

I've never been about people needing to comment on what I write. The little blog gadgets tell me that there are over 100 lurkers a day that read this (trust me, I only know that because I checked - my second time in all the years I've done this), not to mention Facebook buddies who see what I write through a forwarded feed.

But that said, I always found it ironic that no one ever commented on this.


I'm not asking you to comment, and in writing this little "ad" for that post I run the risk of someone saying something on it. You don't need to, and I'd almost rather you not at this point.

But I hope you see the point in why I'm writing about it today.

So a simple question - where is your life short-cutting its proper instructions?


David Moss said...

Okay...I'm a convicted lurker! Now, back to your question - "where is my life short-cutting its proper instructions?" My first response is...huh? (Re-read...think...re-read...think. Yes, one of the reasons I'm a lurker is I'm a SLOW processer!)

So here's my take on answering your question - regardless of your intent behind it.

My life is short-cutting its proper instruction, most recently, by waiting for God to show up and encourage me. Yep, I've been in a bit of a pity party lately. And that has slowed my trajectory of who God wants me to become and my understanding of where he wants me to join Him. But the party is over and a new one is starting....

I finally rememebered that God didn't move. He is not dead nor does He sleep. I'm the one sleeping and I had to take an inventory about the habits that help me keep connected and "in the flow" and then assess which of those I have strayed from, need to re-vitalize, or return to.

So my "short-cuts" have been allowing busyness to invade my path and so the seeds that God has planted have been overrun. But I'm pruning...and hopefully that will lead to better growth (instruction?).

So there ya go...now back to lurking. And hey, thanks for calling me out! No, really.

Jody said...

I heard Josh McDowell define purity as "living as God intended".

Worry is not a way of life God intended for us. Yet over 48 years on this planet, I have let it become my major short-cut (among far too many), trying to figure things out for God, dealing with consequences and devising plans b, c, d, e, f...for Him so I could manage this issue while awaiting the other shoe to drop.

I hated to see the caller ID with my sons' info, fearing a car accident or worse news...worry was defining me as a "traitor to my King, plottting rebellion in His court while singing His praises" (thus said Teresa of Avila).

So many times in praying out my fears, the discussion leads me to His way and His heart and His mind and away from my own.