Apr 6, 2009

40 day journey: a holy week buffet

How does your holy week/weekend look right now?

Many of us have much on the calendar. In our church, there is a Good Friday gathering we're doing with another church, a Saturday Easter Egg hunt, and a couple of powerful services on Resurrection Sunday. Maybe you are following a schedule like that, or maybe you also have family coming in or travel plans that take you elsewhere. Throw in work, school, extracurriculars, and so on... and you're probably busy.

Maybe so busy that you're missing out on the Story behind the story of your life.

Today I went with a couple of hungry high school guys to Golden Corral - a local buffet where you can load your plate with every meet, carb, vegetable, and dessert your lower intestine will allow. They consequently charge you a chunk of change, which is why most people cram in what they can... to feel like they made the most of what they spent.

As we were leaving, it hit me how easy it is to skip over tasting the food because you're so intentional about shoving it in. As we started talking about Easter weekend, the comparison became quite obvious.

Are you "tasting" the powerful realities that this week holds? Yesterday was "Palm Sunday" where we remember a time that Jesus was praised for who everyone wanted Him to be - but not necessarily for who He was and is. God is more than a "fix it" card in our pockets - He's God.

And this God became a man who willingly had his body shredded and was humiliated for a crime He didn't commit. He did this for our sins... the things you and I keep trying to excuse instead of turn away from.

So may you today choose to taste that gift. Not to make you live in guilt, but to uncover new freedom that is offered because of what He went through on your behalf.

Don't cram it all in this week... taste every bite.

"I am the true bread that came down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will not die as your ancestors did (even though they ate the manna) but will live forever." (John 6:58, NLT)

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