Jan 30, 2009

12 more for your 15

A few days ago I posted 15 questions to consider for a Spiritual Growth Plan this year.

I understand life and busyness and human nature, but I don't want you or anyone to miss ut on something like this that can really make a difference... let me say that again - having a plan does make a difference.

So in case you haven't found your motivation to dig into it, I wanted to ask you some questions that would perhaps inspire your original questions.

In 2009...
  • Will your life be a tame, cautious tale of "Christianity" or a bold, engaging adventure of "Christ-following" where daring deeds are done and bold actions are taken?
  • What will you do with what you have discovered and will discover about/from God?
  • What wrongs will you right in your quest to follow Him, even if the world or your friends (inside and outside the church) tell you to be tolerant about it?
  • What hurts will you heal instead of nod your head and offer a safe cliche so you don't have to get your hands dirty?
  • What loads will you lift so that someone around you can breathe for a moment?
  • What dreams will you pursue with your very last breath... you very, very last breath?
  • What adversities will you overcome instead of use as ammunition against yourself?
  • What discoveries will you make so that your knowledge doesn't stay static but expands, contracts, and grows?
  • What demons will you defy? Literally.
  • Who will you oppose? And how will you do it in such a way that you win them over?
  • Who will you rescue? And how will you do it in such a way that they don't feel belittled by it?
  • What defeats will you risk in your quest to be fully-alive in Christ?

May you and I truly understand that the change we are hoping will happen through the government was originally designed to happen in us first. That's God's plan, and that's why the Church isn't a building - it's "people and God" who don't skip over the hard questions...

because muscles for later needs are built when we wrestle and exercise our faith right now.

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