Nov 1, 2008

nywc: inspirations from a walk to eat lunch

Why are these guys yelling at people about how they shouldn't eat Cinnabons? They were looking over the escalator, using a megaphone to do so.

If you know these people, there is help available. Perhaps even prescription drugs.

Anyway, we eventually found a place to eat - a Chinese Restaurant called the Golden something or 'nother. Which I find it odd that the Asian theme is following me last night, this morning, and at lunch.

I haven't eaten in a Chinese sit-down, order off the menu restaurant in quite some time. You know how it goes - most of them are buffets these days. Probably because it's easier for Americans to pick Chinese food they want to eat by sight versus by words.

It was good, but the best part was the Lazy Susan built into the table. Clearly, you are intended to eat in community in this place... which is quite a powerful concept in a buffet world.

One is about sharing with the group - the other is about piling your plate.

I wonder... which represents how you are living today?

Then on the way back I saw an odd picture on a truck and had to take a picture. Because, yes - it would take a literal goat offering me coffee to ever get me to drink it.

And that ain't ever happening, slappy.

(Now, don't plan on staging something like this... because I would only accept it as genuine if it was the goat's idea and not yours... and I'd know the difference.)

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