Nov 2, 2008

nywc: inspirations from general session 6

Generally speaking...

You could feel something different in the air about this session... it was the anticpation of David Crowder. There is something about this guy with the crazy beard who plays music on electronic instruments that don't even exist that just helps you praise God.

In fact, I dare say that many people "endured" the session in order to jam with Crowder at the end. Which made the whole thing odd for me... in addition to being stuck in the middle of a row with no shoulder room. The upside? My buds.
Inspirations from Living Illusions..
  • At least twice I found myself wondering how they "did" a trick or two. Nonetheless, I would have enjoyed this couple of illusionists more had they had a more intentionl ministry via words, too.

Inspirations from Kendall Payne..

  • The only familiarity I had with this singer was the tune "Supermodels" from the TV show "Popular." But tonight her words cut through the theological bone nd left many folks wanting more. I'm quite confident her sales did well all night long.

Inspirations from Skit Guys..

  • The more I see these guys every year, the more I think they're on to some sort of special comedy that no one else is... nd yet they seem to spell it out for everyone to join in.

Inspirations from Tony Jones (and the E-Village)...

  • I know there was a purpose to the crazy antics of the "old school evangelists" in comparison with today's journeymen, but I honestly didn't like it. When I'm not sure if someone is mocking elements of our faith or not, I'm not inclined to enjoy their shtick.

  • I could feel Tony giving his best try at some solid points about the church, but I think his best thoughts were at the very end as he pondered the Incarnation of Jesus through pragmatic eyes... that Jesus - the Truth - "once a day went behind some bushes and had a bowel movement." Powerful imagery to describe how human God became for us.

Inspirations from David Crowder...

  • People want to sing praise to God. They often just need a crazy, joyful man to take them to that crazy, joyful place.

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