Oct 8, 2008

fun with a camera phone - pt 2

Same drill as last time... just random stuff I captured on my camera phone, because (as we all know) that is what our society has turned us into... camera phone photographers.

Who knew that babies needed to listen to lullabies from The Cure?

This tree looked like one of the ones from the Wizard of Oz - like it was about to come alive and shake me around a bit until I handed over some apples.

Yes - when he's not selling oatmeal, Wilford Brimley is an organ grinder.

Saw this one at the counter of a Goodwill in town... nice.

This always drives me crazy... they market H-level movies right next to the A-movie, hoping that some unknowing person will come by and grab the wrong movie.

I saw this marquee yesterday as I was driving around town. Write your own joke.


Thurman8er said...

Since I am quite likely to write a joke about the last sign, I will instead refer to yesterday's post and say the following.

At least if they make Indy V they have a chance to put the last travesty out of our heads. And John Williams could write one more amazing soundtrack. Honestly, the music to KOTC is almost as good as any other written for the series.

The other day I saw somebody sum up what was nagging me about Part IV that I have never quite been able to express. It's the only Indy movie that would have ended exactly the same whether or not Indy had been involved.

Tony Myles said...

Great summary, dude. Well put, but I still enjoyed watching it.

By the way I called that video store up and let them know the odd pairing of those two titles was rather... interesting.