Jun 4, 2008

fun with a camera phone pt 1

I like having a phone on my camera... because you never know what you're going to see around town.

Saw this at Bob Evans when I took my son to the bathroom. The text reads: "Did you know to wash your hands the appropriate length of time (30 seconds) you should sing through one verse of Old McDonald?"

I did not know that. Life is better now... especially since they gave me the lyrics.

I always find drive-by-witnessing rather... interesting. Please visit the web site - realglobalwarming.com.

I hope the next time you decide to use the Crystal Clean company you remember how "clean" this car is. Simply the best.

I thought I'd seen it all when I found this gem on the road one day... do they seriously expect you to drive straight?

And then I saw this a few months later... keeping in mind that the billboard hangs on the side of a different business.

And yes - that dog is lifting its leg.

And yes - they used a plastic dog to do that picture.

And no - I don't know why they made a plastic dog lifting its leg.

But nothing... NOTHING...

tops the "Cat Man."

Yes - I took this picture myself. And I even met the Cat Man. He drives around with his vehicle like this all the time.


Part two coming soon.


stephanie said...

Did you ask cat man why? Why oh why?

Tony Myles said...

I did. He smiled a half-cocked grin as he looked to the side and said, "I like cats."

I asked him how many he had that were real.

He said, "None."