Jul 30, 2008

ten rules for my vacation

Vacation rules I plan to follow this next week:
  1. Be fully present with my God, wife, and kids. Fully present.
  2. No pants. Only shorts.
  3. Anything I choose to read must be to challenge or entertain me personally - not give me ideas for church stuff.
  4. Laugh... a lot.
  5. Eat ice cream with my wife, who will get to eat flavors she's missed since we've moved from Michigan.
  6. Drive a golf cart once a day. Not to golf, but to get me places. Although golfing is allowed if it involves a windmill or a plastic alligator mouth.
  7. Say "yes" a lot to my kids when they make reasonable asks.
  8. Spend some quality time with God each day.
  9. Take over the daily "get the kids going" stuff my wife does most days of the year.
  10. No cell phone or computer... I am using their off buttons because they are there for a reason.

Which means no blogging. See you in a week!


Terrace Crawford said...

Hope you enjoy your time away, Tony. You are smart to set these guidelines for yourself. I know how hard it is to unplug when I am on vacation!

Jeff Greathouse said...

great rules, hope it went well