Jan 16, 2008

shopping with me

One of my favorite videos... we filmed it a few years ago but I busted it out recently to share in our church services the Sunday after Christmas.

Incidentally I don't go by P.T. much these days.


Todd Porter said...

You are a nut!

Do people in Ohio know of the greatness of Meijer?

Tony Myles said...

They do, but only in select cities. The closest from me is 45 minutes.

And yes... we've made road trips there.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was the Greenville Meijer for a second, then I realized they all look the same

Molly said...

My esteem for you has just gotten higher.

Anonymous said...

Weird!! I just showed this to a bunch of friends here at YWAM yesterday. And then I came here and... bam. there it is. classic.