Jan 16, 2008

menudo and the kidd

The answer to my last post's question?

Rubik The Amazing Cube.

Although Menudo did not star as cartoon characters in this show, they did the intro song and were featured at the end of every show with a live music video. It was during the great courtship Latin America attempted to have with the U.S.

They sure do a lot of jumping in that song. I also can't recall the last time I saw a bunch of teenage guys in pastels playing a game of football with girls.

This, of course, was on the heels of the great U.S. "success" Kidd Video... one of my Saturday morning favs.

The Saturday morning powers that-be must have thought a Latino version would work better.

Then again, Kidd Video did have the grown-up Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch... so, you know... that was something. I guess.

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Matt said...

I had forgot about that show-but I remember it now! Ahh the days of childhood memories