Jan 1, 2008

i'm in 2008 now... the view is nice.

So the ball has dropped and once again we cross over into a new year.

To my friends in a time zone other than the Eastern one I'm in right now, I'd love to tell you about the future... it's pretty cool. We have flying cars and everything... the new trend is a silver jumpsuit (everyone is wearing it) and we've decided to digest little pills instead of large meals. Don't worry, though, Larry King still is on CNN.
“We are never satisfied with the present. We are always anticipating the future as if it were coming too slowly, wanting to speed up its pace. Or we remember the past, devising ways to preserve it, since it vanishes too quickly. It is folly to be wandering about, trying to find our way in times that don’t belong to us. We have forgotten about the present time that we have. So, never living, we are always hoping to live. We are always prepared to be happy, but never are.” – Blaise Pascal, 1658


Awareness said...

why is it that we human beings are incapable of learning this lesson? Very thought provoking quote....and written in 1658?

We have no ownership to the future or the past.....amazing how much time we try to spend in those two places.

Happy New Year. May we all strive to live with awareness in the present.

ps. I love your prayer points..... we never learn and grow with God if we don't dip ourselves in the land of discomfort. :) learning never happens in comfort does it?

Heather said...

this is funny.
you know, i've been looking forward to the someday (someday when my book is published, specifically), but I have a great life--a husband I couldn't be more in love with (and who just happens to be the sexiest man in the world), a church I'm excited to be a part of, friends that make me feel loved and special, family that blesses me, comforts me, loves me, and a job (or jobs, I should say) that I love to wake up in the morning to do. And then there's the God who forgives me and treasures me.
What more could a girl ask for?

Paul said...

happy new yr to you - a good reminder to practice presence...

Tony Myles said...

These are great thoughts, guys. Isn't it amazing how hard it is to simply soak in the "right now" moment?

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to close this laptop and read to my sons.