Dec 31, 2007

prayers for 2008

Taking a cue from the challenge I just posted about, here are my prayers for 2008...

Dear God –

  • Cause me to be uncomfortable with comfort.
  • Create in me a love for those I say I love but don't show love to.
  • Kick my tail when I think "someone else will do it."
  • Deepen my understanding of You and my obedience to You.
  • Help me to lead a person to You everyday, and then please do Your thing.
  • Show me how to help Christians around me become fully-devoted disciples.
  • Protect the relationships in my household with Your sticky bond of love.
  • And (gulp) bless me and your Church in the new year according to our faithfulness to You!

As this plays out...

For myself…

  • May my heart become pure… that I might fall completely in love with my You.
  • May my mind become redeemed… that I might become completely in tune with Truth.
  • May my soul become navigational… that I might completely live out of a Divine overflow.
  • May my body become healthier… that I might completely live out the fullness of my years.

For my wife…

  • May her love for You deepen each day and contagiously bless others.
  • May her mind be a place full of wisdom and wonder that supplies the words she speaks.
  • May her worship of You be complete – from the everyday moments to the special ones.
  • May her health increase in all the right ways as we enjoy growing old together.

For my boys…

  • May their individual passions develop in ways that add to Your kingdom/world and their lives.
  • May their thought lives be shaped by Your hand and Your hand alone.
  • May their relationship with You remain powerfully innocent and ripple into their generation.
  • May their physical lives be directed by their spiritual lives (and not vice-versa).

For Connection Church…

  • May I be a servant-leader who is faithful to the tilt, inspiring the lead team to do the same.
  • May you raise up more leaders who can take on roles that will help us fulfill Your vision.
  • May new faces be celebrated, salvations occur daily, discipleship happen constantly, relationships deepen always, finances overflow regularly, volunteers be available constantly, and everyone fulfill their calling completely.
  • May we more fully reveal what it means to BE the Church.

For the world…

  • May Medina become a place where the next great spiritual awakening occurs.
  • May Ohio become filled with new Christians and guided by seasoned ones.
  • May America elect a President who listens to You, lives for You, and will follow Your ideals publicly and privately.
  • May the world finally collide with heaven so that we can all see You face to face again.

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Happy New Year, Tony. I may adopt a few of your prayers for myself.