Jan 12, 2008

and now from the other side of my brain...

I'm often asked (as I was a few times this week) how I prepare for a Sunday. Since I'm a lead pastor and all, most people know that I will sharing a message the majority of the weekends out of a year and I think they're curious as to the process that goes into making that happen. I take that as a compliment... or maybe a hint I should be doing better... not sure.

The answer I give is all of the things you'd probably expect... lots of prayer, advance planning, Bible study, counterintuitive debate with myself (to be sure what I'm going to say is valid), and so on. I have my messages benchmarked out for several months and then in the weeks leading up to a particular Sunday hone in on the core concepts God's laid on my heart.

That takes a lot of brain work from a person.

Still with me?

Okay... the reason I share that is so that you may better understand why today in the midst of final prep for tomorrow I couldn't help but think of a stubborn memory I have from the 80's. I'm sorry to say that YouTube has captured it in all its pitiful glory, and so I know pass this "slice of nothing" from my brain to yours so that I can move back to heavy theological ponderings about the eschatology of theological eschatologies.

My sincerest apologies.

By the way - bonus points if you remember the Saturday morning cartoon show that featured these fellas.


Scott said...

Have you ever wished you turned away before something gets branded into your memory? I'll never be the same and I blame you Tony!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Menudo? I don't remember them being on a cartoon show. What show were they on?


Tony Myles said...

Yes... that's definitely Ricky Martin eating the slo-mo fried chicken.

And yes... they were on a Saturday morning cartoon show.

Squeeze that 80's brain... it's in there. (no Google allowed)

heather a. goodman said...

Menudo was on a Saturday morning cartoon?
I'd like to see the thought train that connected this with your sermon.
And please tell me you didn't torture your congregation with the video.

derek said...

this is freakin hiliarious!!!!

Matt said...

I'm with everyone else-I don't remember them being on a saturday morning cartoon unless they made a guest appearance on Scooby Doo. But I do remember them having their own show that was on I thought on saturday mornings-ahhh the days of GOOD saturday morning shows (well I don't know if I'd throw Menudo in as good but you know what I mean)

dave said...

I think I have it but don't know the name. I'm pretty sure it was something with a rubick's cube

roger said...

yes yes yes yes that was that dumb show about a flying rubiks cube