Dec 30, 2007

in between...

So we're in the midst of that in-between time of Christmas Day and the New Year. Maybe you've put the tree away, taken the lights down, and poured your egg nog down the drain. Or perhaps you're like me and wore a Christmas shirt today, defying the idea that Christmas is merely a day on the calendar but can be celebrated all year long (because "God with us" didn't just happen but "is happening").

Perhaps that's another blog post in itself.

Much has happened in my neck of the woods in the past week, including welcoming my mom into our home. She's had a hard run with her house (see links to the right), and we just had to get her out of that situation. We're thankful to be able to add to her life right now and are doing our best to be the hands and feet of Jesus to her.

Hopefully 2008 will be a good year for her and all of us, especially as we seek out Jesus our Lord. It is through Him alone that we find eternal life, and I also believe it is through Him alone that we uncover abundant life. Most of the time we have lost the plot of His Storyline... we tell Him that He can "drive" our lives but then we quickly turn around, make Him a hood ornament, and take the wheel away as we put our own hands on it.

In recent days I've become all the more convinced that the Narrow Road is difficult, yet exceedingly freeing to walk. People will threaten you at times for trying to embody the things Jesus spoke about, but nonetheless there is something rather amazing about not living in fear of man or the smallness of our insecurities. If we settle for mere "belief" in God, we will shrink back... but if we engage in believing and also following God (and His belief in us), we will plow forward in whatever direction He's left His drips of blood to follow.

Today we agreed as a church to do things that will help further the PLOT in our lives... in case you're interested, here's what we're doing to end 2007 well and start 2008 right.

  • Day 1: Write/type a list of your prayers for 2008.

  • Day 2: Intentionally talk about a part of your faith journey with someone who is far from God.

  • Day 3: Spend 10 minutes of quiet/stillness before God.

  • Day 4: Read Matthew 5-7 in one sitting.

  • Day 5: make a new friend.

  • Day 6: “Fast” by using the full length of time you would spend eating a meal to instead skip it and pray that God would break your heart for those around you.

  • Day 7: Take action on doing something that God has shown you… even if it’s hard.

Feel free to join in... no reason why we can't fan the flame God is trying to spark in us, even right now.


Heather said...

What? Christmas is over? Don't tell Hans that (my Christmas tree).

Tony Myles said...

You named your tree? Um...

Robert said...

excellent goals dude!!! You hit the nail on the head in so many of your posts tony taking the narrow road and trusting He is there and always will be cant get any better than that just need to focus and realize that as I am living thanks brother appreciate your ministry alot