Dec 15, 2007

a day in the life of me: two more days

Sometimes I'm a bad dad... my youngest and I spent most of Friday in-house so I could work and he could play Lego Star Wars on his brother's Game Cube. Sounds like a good arrangement, but I think he played a bit too much. I know this not by the clock but because he kept making light saber noises at bedtime.

And this morning.

We did manage to run some errands in the evening, including a local cafe ministry where I scored him a cookie. A "beeeeeeeeg cookie." And he ate most of it... before bedtime... like I said, sometimes I'm a bad dad.
Then today we spent the day with some other dads doing some fun things.

Lunch at CiCi's Pizza.

Christmas shopping for "relational gifts."

And bowling.


yesterday my oldest managed to stand at the top of the Space Needle.

And today he scored a visit to the cockpit.

Right now he's waiting to board his very delayed plane.

In a few hours I hope to have my family under the same roof again, and so the door is ready to be opened.

That will be more than nice.

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trace said...

what a great series of posts..and what a great little vacation you and your youngest have had. bad dad? I think he'll remember that late night cookie for a long time.