Nov 28, 2007

hey surfers

I was tipped off (thanks, Gman) that my blog is featured this week on the YS Update. For all I know, many of you may be reading this because of that. Note that I implied that I don't know because counters and blogs don't belong in the same place... there's my little existential stance for the day.

I write this, though, because while I'd love for you to read my stuff and comment here and there using words like "genius" and "amazing" and "free smoothie," I'd much rather ask you to click three more times and check out some up and coming bloggers that I enjoy doing life with:
  • Ebs and Flows: Jon is new to blogging and I think is getting into it. He helps me think about things in sane ways... give him a shout out.

  • Authentic: Brian is in the thick of college and working his way through life lessons along the way. Speak into his journey as you can.

  • Tanner Ridge: Scott hasn't posted in a while... and he should. Give him a nudge.

Oh, and free smoothies are always welcome. Let me know if you need my mailing address.


john alan turner said...

To clarify: You want us to mail you a smoothie?

Tony Myles said...

Well, that would be silly, now wouldn't it? I wouldn't presume to be so forward.

Instead, send cash for me to go buy smoothies or smoothie king cards. This, of course, is less forward of me.

Thomas' of South Carolina said...

Hey Tony!
This is Kristi Thomas - think way back ... to GCC days! I was doing my hair this morning and for some reason you and Katie popped into my head. I said a prayer for you guys and then thought I would look up your blog - who can forget a name like "don't call me Veronica"! It sounds like an exciting time for your family and church! Isn't it amazing - the journey that God takes us on! Just wanted to let you know that someone in SC was praying for you all today! Take care!

Tony Myles said...

Hey Kristi! Thanks for your note (and for the record, I didn't even need the GCC reference to remember you). Your encouraging words and prayers rock... thanks for those.

And yes... the journey we get on with God never is quite as predictable as we'd like and yet it is always worth it.

I once heard that God was good... all the time... or something like that.