Nov 25, 2007

a church and a building - not the same thing

Given my last round of history with a building... I'd invite you to worship God with me.

Our church just had its first services in some other place besides a movie theater. This is a transitional building until we get into one being built, and through God's grace it's being provided to us for the cost of utilities. We've turned the side nooks into everything from cafe space to meeting rooms.

It used to be a kitchen and bath showroom, but these days it's gathering space for Connection Church. Pretty cool.


gavin richardson said...

in our methodist denom, we have a hymn with the first line, "i am the church you are the church, we are the church together".. goes on to say that the church is not a building.

i really like that ecclessiology as a body of Christ. too bad wesleyan traditioned churches are the only place i have found that hymn (and in my prior work i had a chance to check all kinds of congregations).

Tony Myles said...

Cool, Gavin! What is the name of that hymn?

Ed G. said...

mozel tov!

Thurman8er said...

VERY cool.

Metal folding chairs. Love it.

Gman said...

Congrats on making this week's YS Update

Tony Myles said...

Say what? Email me a copy, please.